Thursday, December 12, 2013

Celebrate Christmas with My Publisher - Beau Coup Publishing

Beau Coup Publishing is having their 1st Annual Christmas Countdown with Prizes and Promotions from December 13 - 24th. Keep a look out for a familiar face in the days too!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why I'm rewatching LOST

It's an obsession. I have to admit it. When I got rid of cable a year ago, well, it seems like a year ago, I needed something to watch. It took eight months for me to realize that what I really needed in my life was Netflix. As I was scrolling through my month of free Netflix streaming, I found a show I'd watched years ago through the Netflix dvd service: LOST. The first thought I had was...mmmm....Sawyer. 

Admit it, ladies, and some of you guys, too. You watched every week to see if they'd get off the damned island but more importantly to see if someone was finally going to give Sawyer the nickname he deserved--Dimples. You watched because he'd take his shirt off, tie his hair back, show that V at his hip line that makes us girls turn to mush. 

I like him dirty, rough around the edges. Kind of raw. Dimple shining. Yeah. Love Sawyer. 

But did you notice all the other hotties who were Lost right along with him? Let's take Jack for instance. Even though Seasons 1 and 2 really played up the Jack/John rivalry, it was Sawyer who was Jack's true arch-nemesis. Jack was everything Sawyer wasn't: a good guy, a respectable guy, a guy you could take home to mom. Or was he? Underneath that good guy clothing was a lot of bad boy tattoos and stories we never quite saw coming. With Sawyer, you get what you see. You know he's bad. You know he's done horrible, disgusting things, you know you can't trust him. With Jack, you think you can. 

A girl could really fall in love with Jack. 

But the true art behind LOST isn't the smoking hot guys. (Don't worry, ladies. I'll compare Shannon's two men, Sayid and Boone, in a later post.) The true art is in the storytelling and in the way the flashbacks are used as part of the current narrative without isolating the audience. Bet you didn't realize I was paying that close attention to the writing, did you? 

I always pay attention to the writing and I always say "I would have written this differently." Even in real life, I get discouraged, look to the sky, and shout "This is not how I would have written this scene!" 

So that is why I'm re-watching LOST. It's all a study in how to write, how to put together narrative and how to build characters who are so amazingly real and so complex, you can't help but hope they never get off the island. 

Until next time, keep on watching! And I'll have more insight into the hot guys who make our knees go weak!